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Flower Girl Fashion For An Adorable And Happy Flower Girl

We found very useful article and want to share with everyone on trends in flower girl dress and tips on flower girl fashion.

Flower Girl Fashion For An Adorable And Happy Flower Girl by Susanna Miles

Wondering what’s hot in Flower girl fashion? The who’s who and the what’s what in flower girl fashion can be found right here, on this page!

Flower girl fashion follows the same trends you see in wedding dress fashion. As wedding dresses become more simple so do flower girl dresses and at the same time, when wedding dress fashion become more extravagant you’ll find the same thing happening with flower girl fashion. Having said that changes in flower girl fashion is rarely as dramatic as that in wedding gowns and you’ll find that they’ve always had a sweet little girl feel about them and are rarely as dramatic as the brides dress. Just think of the bride’s poofy sleeves of the 1980’s! Though the flower girls had pleated shoulder they were never nearly as extreme as that of the bride.

The most important thing to remember with flower girl fashion is to make sure that your flower girl is comfortable and at the same time complimenting the theme of the day – including color and mood. If you’re traditional she should be to… and if you’re simple and modern, she should be too!

Fashionable Flower Girl Accessories

Flower Girl Dresses
There are two really big things you’ll notice in designer style flower girl dresses .
1.The tuft skirt…which I think will be going out in the next year or two
2.The colored sash, which I think will stay around for awhile since it’s such a great way to make the flower girl dress match the wedding theme.

In 1980 when I was a flower girl I carried a wicker basket with dried flowers, hardly en mode for a wedding today – unless of course you’re going for a retro 80’s feel. Instead a simple silk basket filled with either frozen or dried rose petals is more suitable for today’s modern flower girl.


Traditionally, when picking the flower girl dress the color AND fabric was usually expected to complement the bride’s dress – either white, cream or champagne and silk or satin. Extra accessories like the sash, flowers, and basket matched the bridesmaids. Today it’s just as common for the flower girl to wear the same color and fabric dress as the bridesmaid. Both work really well and both look great. However, it’s often easier to find dresses in white or pink rather than the plethora of colors available in bridemaids dresses.

Hair Accessories

Cute little hair accessories have always been a big thing for flower girls, but, like everything else the look changes over time. Today, the headpiece is noticeably smaller and more “flower child” inspired that in years past. You’ll also find that the dreaded baby’s breath which adorned my hair when I was flower girl is no longer used in hair design or accessories.

Flower Girl Shoes
Today flower girl shoes are comfortable and cute. With everything from the fabric ballerina slipper to the simple satin Mary Jane shoe, there’s a style for every child.

You can get wonderful flower girl dresses at any price. The only thing to make sure of it to make sure you get a comfortable, wrinkle free, and breathable fabric. An uncomfortable flower is the last thing you want on your special day! Cheap laces are itchy and some fake satins don’t breath and are very sticky and uncomfortable! If cost is an issue don’t get a flower girl dress, just get a pretty little dress that can be dressed up with adorable tights. You’d be surprised what you can find. Ebay is also a great place to find great dresses at really wonderful prices!

Just make sure your young flower girl looks like a little girl. There’s nothing worse than a 6 year old looking like a mom. Make sure the hairstyle and dress style is age appropriate.

Make Sure the Flower Girl is Happy

If she is at least 4 years old, it’s likely that she’s mature enough to go to at least one store with you. If this is possible, it’s very much recommended so that you can get a sense of what she likes and also introduce her to what it means to be a flower girl. When I was a flower girl once I was so terrified and didn’t even know it was happening until a day or two before and I didn’t even know what it meant other than the fact that tons of people would be staring at me! Even at that young age and explanation of what’s happening is important while being comfortable and feeling pretty. Even though I wasn’t normally a vain child it was a big day for me and like adults a child needs to feel good.

Susanna Miles is the author of this article. Visit for more information about flower girl dresses.

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Flower Girl’s Role

Flower girls walk in front of the bride carrying bunches of thornless roses, which they can pass out tothe guest as they go.

They can also sprinkle rose or other flower petals before the bride as she walks down the aisle.


Flower Girls vs. Jr. Bridesmaids

Let’s talk about “flower girls” vs. “jr. bridesmaids”. Who can be a flower girl, or a jr. bridesmaid? Whether the child attendants are flower girls or jr. bridesmaid depends on both their age and their view on whether they want to be a child attendant or more one of the bridesmaids.

The typical age range for a flower girl is 3-8 years and a jr. bridesmaid is usually between 8-14. If your girl is a small and a little less matrue, she could be considered for the flower girl role. If she’s big for her age and more mature looking and acting, then I suggest she be selected as a jr. bridesmaid.


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